7 Useful Drinks For Healthy Heart

The heart needs to be maintained in good condition, because its health depends on the functioning of all other organs. Many factors, especially nutrition, can affect his condition. Today, we will talk about drinks that are most beneficial to the health of the heart.

Useful Drinks for Healthy Heart –

1.  Water –

Water is a source of life and a real helper to the health of the heart. Due to its lack of possible problems, including increased risk of coronary heart disease and other diseases of the cardiovascular system. The fact is that without it the blood begins to thicken, which increases the load on the heart, which causes health problems.

2. Green and Black tea

As you know, in green tea a lot of antioxidants, which are the protectors of inflammatory processes. They also create obstacles in the formation of free radicals, protecting against cancer and cardiovascular ailments. Also, a good drink can be called black tea, because it also contains these antioxidants. However, if you want more influence on the heart, it is better to still choose green tea.

3.  Hipster broth

Rhizome is considered one of the healthiest foods for the health. This berry must be in the diet of every person all year round. Dried fruits are sold at any pharmacy and are not so expensive, which makes it accessible to everyone. Using them you need to cook a broth that you need to drink to improve the functioning of the heart. Due to the consumption of this beneficial drink, immunity will be improved, fortified walls of vessels will be improved.

This decoction will help protect against atherosclerosis, increase the production of red blood cells and reduce blood pressure. But we must remember about contraindications: it can not be used by people with endocarditis and thrombophlebitis, as well as with gastritis, high acidity and stomach ulcer.

4. Red wine

Red wine contains cardioprotective compounds – resveratrol, polyphenol, which lower the level of cholesterol in the blood and prevent the formation of blood clots. In addition, scientists assert that the use of such a drink in small quantities can increase the level of “good” cholesterol.

5.  Pomegranate juice

Californian researchers have noticed that in pomegranate juice, there are many antioxidants that make the drink extremely useful for the health of the heart. It turns out that this drink is superior to even green tea and red wine. It can also reduce blood pressure, reduce nerves in order, improve blood circulation. All this collectively leads the heart to excellent condition.

By the way, many fruit juices have a similar effect on the health of the heart. Yes, useful grape, pumpkin, tomato, cranberry juice.

6.  Dried fruit Compote

Dried fruits are very useful for the heart. The most effective are dried apricots and raisins. The drink can be cooked at any time of the year, which makes it very convenient. Also, you can call useful compote of pears and apples, as it lowers blood pressure, helps to cope with depression. It is useful to drink a drink of dried apricots, figs and prunes.

7.  Coffee

Coffee is a drink that almost saves human life. Due to its consumption it is possible to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by 20-40 percent. But scientists are advised not to drink more than four cups of coffee per day, otherwise its consumption can turn against the health of your heart.

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