What is the Cause of Sore Throat ? Know the treatment

Sore throat is annoying condition where you find difficulty in speaking , eating and drinking . Even you cannot swallow your saliva . The cause of sore throat can be a respiratory infection. You can feel pain in the throat and experience  problem in swallowing food. Lets know more about sore throat. 

Cause of Sore throat –

Usually, the sore throat is permanent, aggravated by swallowing, and may be the only complaint to see a doctor. Although it often occurs on the background of common symptoms characteristic of acute respiratory infections, such as weakness, malaise, fever, headache, runny nose.

Cuts, stabs, whines, crushes?

There is a wide variety of pain in the throat – from sharp, “dagger”, stabbing, cutting to dull, aching, pressing; from bursting to pulsating or mixed, with a constant, growing or subsiding character. Localization of pain is also different: it can hurt in the middle, right or left, on both sides or all over the throat.

cause of sore throat

Cause of sore throat

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Lozenges: tasty but useless

The occurrence or increase in pain when swallowing most often indicate a disease of the throat. If the pain does not change when swallowing, we can assume that they reflect the disease completely different organ, and then we must continue to look for the cause of indisposition. For example, a sore throat can be not only one of the early symptoms of an infection, but also a late symptom of a tumor.

That is why it is impossible to endure a sore throat, avoiding contact with a doctor, and stick it with various lozenges. This is not only ineffective, but also dangerous, as you can miss a serious illness.

The most common among the diseases associated with symptoms such as sore throat is angina, a bacterial infection that must be treated with antibiotics. It can be easily confused with viral pharyngitis, but in this case, antibiotics will not only be useless, but also harmful. That is why a sore throat necessarily needs a doctor.

Both diseases are characterized by acute pains and hyperemia (redness) of the pharyngeal mucosa, however, with sore throat, purulent plaque appears, the temperature rises to high values, and there may be no other complaints, while pharyngitis causes a cold and other symptoms of ARVI.

Would drinking water harm health?

In the treatment of pharyngitis (as, indeed, angina), it is important to drink plenty of warm water, and in case of severe pain it is also necessary to use painkillers such as nurofen or paracetamol. Antibiotics are prescribed only if a bacterial infection has joined and has begun, for example, tracheitis, bronchitis or laryngitis.

In angina, the use of antibiotics is mandatory from the very beginning of the disease.Ideally, you should take a swab from the pharynx to determine the type of infection and sensitivity to antibiotics in order to immediately appoint the most effective of them.

If you do not begin to treat a sore throat in time, there may be terrible complications affecting vital organs – kidneys, heart, joints. And sometimes, against the background of this disease, autoimmune diseases (scleroderma, lupus erythematosus) develop.

And in the mouth fungus grow

In addition, doctors often face such diseases of the throat as:

  • candidal stomatitis. It is a fungal disease in which small milky-white spots appear on the soft palate, back of the tongue of the pharyngeal mucosa and larynx;
  • Infectious mononucleosis. Symptoms are edematous and reddened tonsils, covered with large yellowish-white films;
  • Herpangina (Koksaki virus) – small bubbles on the soft palate, uvula, the arms, the back of the throat.

In these cases, a bacterial infection can also join, an abscess begins when the uvula is displaced and the mouth cannot be fully opened. Symptoms of severe diphtheria infection develop. In these diseases, the doctor must also select an effective antibiotic.

To the doctor!

Complaints of acute sore throat in elderly patients should be alarming. Nasopharyngeal cancer is a fairly common pathology today, which doctors have not yet learned to effectively treat. The course of this disease is extremely aggressive, development is rapid.The prognosis depends on early diagnosis. Therefore, to endure when “it will pass by itself” is by no means necessary.

Another possible reason for such complaints is that older people often use dentures. And they are the source of injuries, infections and atrophy of the mucous membranes. In all cases, to rule out serious illnesses and prescribe the correct treatment, it is best to come to the doctor.