10 Ways to Remove Toxins from Your Body

Constantly feel a breakdown? Is the complexion gray? Is the mood getting worse for no reason? Perhaps your body needs a detox. You need to remove toxins from your body . There are several ways to remove toxins from the body . 

A sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and bad habits lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body. And no matter how well the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system work, they sometimes cannot cope. To help them, it is enough once every three months during the week to follow 10 simple rules. Some of them may well become a daily good habit.

10 Ways to Remove Toxins from the Body

You should follow these steps in order to remove toxins from the body which may cause severe problem to your body.  Here are the ten ways –

1. Start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon.

Probably everyone has heard of this rule. But it is suitable only for those who have no problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Otherwise, drink water without lemon. We repeat once again why this is useful to do. Water with lemon washes away toxins and food debris from the walls of the stomach and intestines, stimulates the liver and speeds up metabolism.

In addition, it compensates for the moisture balance in the cells, and vitamin C and lemon juice antioxidants help the liver to include protective functions.

By the way, water temperature does matter. The cold liquid in the morning will be a shock to the newly awakened organism and, instead of activating the metabolism, will block it.

2. Stimulate kidney function with infusion of dandelion

The kidneys filter 1,700 liters of blood per day, removing unwanted substances from it and adjusting the volume of fluid in the body. How to improve their work? Herbalist Maurice Messeguet advises to regularly drink dandelion, rosemary, nettle and dymy infusion. In 500 ml of hot water you need to brew a pinch of dried leaves of these plants.

You can restrict infusion only from dandelions. It is sold in any pharmacy.

3. Do not forget about bowel cleansing.

To effectively clean the digestive tract, you need for 3-5 days (or even better for a week) to remove meat, eggs, coffee, chocolate, sugar, flour and dairy products from the menu.

The basis of the diet should be white rice, which can add raw or fresh vegetables, seafood and nuts, as well as dried fruits and apples (with a long detox program). Due to its high potassium content, rice effectively eliminates toxins and excess salt.

4. Take a detox bath twice a week.

In the bath it is better to add the so-called English salt – magnesium sulfate or magnesia. This ancient method helps to get rid of toxins, as well as to replenish the supply of mineral substances in the body.

Dissolve 2 cups of magnesium sulfate in warm water (based on a standard bath and an adult weighing more than 45 kg), add a glass of baking soda and a quarter cup of sea or Himalayan salt, as much apple cider vinegar and aromatic oils if desired.

In the bath you need to be from 20 to 40 minutes, while it is important to have on hand a glass of cool clear water (you definitely want to drink) and monitor the reaction of the body. In a few minutes you will begin to sweat. This means that the body gets rid of toxins. If it gets too hot, add cool water. Get out of the bath neatly and slowly. Wrap up in a warm bathrobe and drink.

5. Every evening, exfoliate your body skin with a scrub and stiff brush.

Removing the dead cells from the skin surface, you eliminate all the harmful substances that accumulate on it, as well as improve cellular respiration and help the lymphatic system to remove body waste. You can use a ready-made scrub with natural particles or prepare it yourself, for example, from coffee, honey and olive oil.

6. Sign up for lymphatic drainage massage or pressure therapy 

These procedures can get rid of edema and stagnant fluids, toxins and fat decomposition products. The effect is usually noticeable after the first procedure. There is a feeling of lightness in the legs and a surge of strength.

You can do a simple five-minute lymphatic drainage massage yourself. To do this, place your fingers under the ears on both sides of the neck. With your hands relaxed, gently pull the skin down towards the back of the neck. Repeat 10 times, gradually increasing the amplitude. Then repeat 10 more times, but already tightening the skin towards the collarbone.

7. Drink chamomile tea at night.

This is a favorite secret of many French women. A cup of chamomile infusion before bed will make it calmer and stronger. In addition, chamomile improves digestion, eliminating the feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

8. Refuse from sugar and salt

If it is still difficult to completely refuse, minimize their consumption. So that the usual dishes do not seem too boring, season them with spices and spices. And sugar can be replaced with agave syrup or Jerusalem artichoke.

9. Add fennel seeds or oil to dishes.

They will give salads, soups and hot dishes a spicy aroma and help cleanse the body. The substances contained in the seeds of fennel improve the functioning of the digestive system, reduce the level of sugar in the blood, tone up and help the liver, kidneys and spleen.

The famous “dill water”, which is given to children with abdominal distension and gas accumulation, is made from fennel seeds. And it got its name because fennel is popularly called “pharmacy fennel” because of its similarity with the garden plant that is loved in our country.

10. Exercises

Exercise enhances the effect of any detox program. Movement improves blood circulation and speeds up metabolism. However, at the time of the weekly detox course it is better to abandon unnecessary loads and exhausting workouts. Instead, do yoga, stretching and walk more.

Now, you understand all the ways by which you can remove toxins from your body and stay healthy. You should follow these to detox yourself .  Do exercises and eat healthy .

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