Does Cold Helps in Loosing Weight ?

A few days ago, Dutch researchers said they should use a cool indoor temperature as an additional weapon in the fight against obesity. Scientists from the Netherlands calculated that adapting to cold increases the body’s energy consumption by about thirty percent. 

The essence of the study

A group of scientists representing the Maastricht University Medical Center investigated how, with frequent exposure to low and high temperatures, thermogenesis and the body’s energy expenditure process are stimulated. In other words, the experts tried to find out the indicators of the optimal temperature at which the metabolism – metabolism – in humans will be as effective as possible. Along with this, scientists have named the  most useful products of winter .

What happens to the body

When the ambient temperature drops, the body has to burn more calories. It is necessary to stabilize the body temperature. “It is necessary to allow the human body to work in such a way that the body temperature is controlled,” explain the researchers from the Netherlands.

Inevitable consequences

Of course, a cold temperature can provoke an unpleasant sensation, like a shiver and goose bumps. According to researchers, shivering is a short-term biological reaction to a severe frost that protects a person from hypothermia.

In previous studies, it was proved that shivering in response to cold increases the production of heat in humans.

 And in the course of a Japanese study, it was proved that a person loses body fat when he spends two hours a day at a temperature of seventeen degrees Celsius for six weeks. But earlier studies by Dutch scientists showed that people gradually acclimatize and become accustomed to colder temperatures, and more quickly than to heat. 

Do you know what to do  if your legs are constantly freezing ?

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