Does Kefir Really Helps in Chronic, Erosive and Atrophic Gastritis

strawberry-drink kefir for gastritis

Kefir is a famous and many favorite milk drink. It is obtained by fermenting the milk produced by microorganisms. About two dozen of them are involved in obtaining the product. Acidity, level of ethyl alcohol, carbonic acid, protein swelling depends on the duration of fermentation. 

Kefir is considered as a useful food product. It has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora, metabolism, contains many vitamins and minerals.

The general term “gastritis” implies various disorders of the stomach and requires careful selection of food depending on the nature of the pathology. Let’s try to figure out whether kefir can be used for gastritis?

The effect of kefir on gastritis health

The diet of the patient with gastritis differs significantly depending on the acidity of the stomach. In order to digest food in the stomach, it is necessary to influence it with hydrochloric acid, produced by the gastric mucosa.

With its excessive development, neutralization with alkaline components, which is characteristic of the normal functioning of the organ, does not ripen and an increase in gastric acidity occurs, and vice versa.

How to know if the acidity is raised or lowered?

To do this, there are laboratory methods for studying the contents of the stomach, obtained as a result of endoscopic sensing. In addition, certain symptoms characteristic of the acidity of each species are evidence of these or other violations of the secretion of gastric juice. What place in the diet of such patients is assigned to kefir?

Kefir in gastritis with high acidity and low acidity

Although acidity is not the main diagnostic sign when making a diagnosis, but depends on the state of the gastric mucosa, the primary task in its treatment is to reduce inflammation, and this is possible only with a decrease in hydrochloric acid production.

In addition to drug treatment, very important is given to proper nutrition, which consists in excluding fatty, spicy, smoked, sour foods from the menu – all that will cause an increase in the production of gastric juice. On this basis, we can conclude that kefir is undesirable in gastritis with high acidity.

Low levels of gastric acidity lead to no less disturbed digestion than increased, and therapy is aimed at raising the pH level.

Naturally, the power in this case is significantly different from the previous one. In priority, vegetable and fruit juices on an empty stomach and, of course, kefir in the amount of 400-500g per day.

The only requirement is that it is fresh. It is also recommended 30-40 minutes before meals and before bedtime. Its low-fat varieties are more useful, the drink should not be cold.

Can I drink kefir for chronic gastritis and ulcers?

Most often, a stomach ulcer occurs on the background of its increased acidity, but it is also diagnosed when it is lowered, since lack of pH leads to a weakening of the protective functions, the spread of pathogenic microorganisms that provoke the ulcerative process.

It is characterized by the violation of the integrity of the mucous membrane and the deterioration of digestion. Whether it is possible to drink kefir with gastritis and ulcer depends on the level of hydrochloric acid, as mentioned above.

Inflammation of the stomach, which is prolonged in nature, or the state of an organ after the exacerbation has subsided, is called chronic gastritis. Its result is the denorative processes of the mucous membrane, changes in its structure, atrophy of the cell elements, their replacement by scars and adhesions.

Chronic pathology does not cause acute manifestations, but reacts to food unfavorable for the stomach with heaviness in the epigastric region, belching, and heartburn. Kefir in the chronic form, regardless of its acidity, can be drunk, only the higher one allows non-acidic fatty product.

Fatty is marked on the packaging, this is not a mistake, but how to determine the acid? First, non-sour kefir is a fresh one-day, if you cook it yourself from milk and a special ferment. Acidity is indicated on the purchase, usually its indicators are within 85-1300 T (degree Turner), and also need to build on the date of manufacture.

Having tasted a product from different manufacturers, you can choose the right one, after drinking of which no discomfort arose.

Kefir for other types of gastritis

There are many varieties of gastritis, depending on the nature of damage to the inner wall of the stomach, the source of their appearance, pH and other factors. Kefir in the menu of patients of individual forms of the disease:

Erosive gastritis

Aggravation of gastritis precludes its use, because contributes to even more irritation of the gastric mucosa. Lack of aggravation allows you to drink fresh non-sour tasteful product.

Superficial gastritis –

It refers to the initial stage of inflammation, when the deep layers of the mucosa are not affected, and changes occur in the upper epithelial. It can occur on the background of any acidity, depending on the recommendations about fermented milk product. In order not to provoke excessive release of hydrochloric acid, it is recommended to drink the product after eating and higher fat content, in which case it envelops the mucous membrane better;

Atrophic gastritis

The state of the stomach, when the mucous membrane of the organ atrophies (the glands are replaced by the intestinal epithelium) and it loses its functionality.

The disease is accompanied by dyspeptic phenomena, which are signaled by such phenomena as loss of appetite, nausea, belching rotten, feeling of fullness in the stomach. Kefir in this case will help to digest food, and its bactericidal property will prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

With the exacerbation of gastritis, pain in the stomach, it must be abandoned before the onset of remission.

Kefir at night in gastritis –

Gastroenterologists recommend drinking kefir at night not only for healthy people, but also for gastritis in the absence of exacerbations.

Lactose in its composition is soothing, bifidobacteria and lactobacilli have a positive effect on the digestive process, amino acids also contribute to the rapid absorption of food. If personal feelings do not conflict with this statement, then you can go to sleep, filling the stomach with a healthy drink.

Other types of fermented milk products for gastritis

On the shelves of grocery stores there are many other forms of dairy products. What kind of assortment is possible during gastritis?

Ryazhenka with gastritis –

it is produced in the same way as kefir, but from baked milk. For a healthy stomach, this product is very useful. With low and normal acidity, it will not harm, and saturate the body with proteins, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus. With gastritis with high acidity, there are limitations.

The aggravation of the condition puts a ban on the drink, but a week after it you can use the product in small portions. Ryazhenka is not difficult to cook at home, when you buy a finished one you need to make sure that there are no flavors and flavor enhancers, so as not to harm the diseased organ.

Yougurt in Gastritis

Gastritis yoghurt is a natural drink without additives that is the product that is suitable for any acidity. It contains proteins that neutralize hydrochloric acid, it supplies the body with probiotics, enhances immunity, it helps the amino acids, vitamins, microelements, assimilating metabolism. When hypocidal gastritis are used more acidic types of it. The main thing is that the product does not contain chemical additives.

Buckwheat with kefir in gastritis

Kefir-buckwheat diet is used to cleanse the body and lose weight. Her followers claim that in 2 weeks you can get rid of almost 10kg of excess weight, and also improve your health: remove toxins and toxins, give a break from overloading the digestive system and get rid of its diseases, including inflammation of the stomach lining.

At the same time, it is emphasized that the valuable chemical composition of cereals and the beneficial properties of kefir will not disturb the balance of trace elements and will not lead to side effects.

On the other hand, a third of buckwheat consists of fiber, which during exacerbations is not the positive side of nutrition. Do not rely on the healing properties of this duet is not worth it, but it is worth to be in the diet of patients with gastritis .


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