Follow These 9 Tasks and Spend the day Productively

Morning begins not only with coffee. Experts told about nine rituals that will help to spend the day as energetically and productively as possible . These tasks are easy to do and you do not need much time to do this. Most of the peoples find it enjoyable and that helps them to stay energetic whole of the day.

9 Tasks that will help you to Spend the Day Productively

Start the morning in the evening.

To wake up in a great mood, you need to know your plan for the day. Write down all ideas, meetings and events in the evening, distributing them in time and significance. To write, use a paper diary or a more advanced option – an electronic planner. In the electronic list you can quickly swap events without rewriting anything and not wasting precious time. And plans for the day will always be at hand – in a computer or phone.

Wake up right away

Every morning you start with an alarm clock and with the thought “well, another ten minutes more”? It’s time to end this. Scientists from the National Sleep Fund of the United States found that the extra ten to twenty minutes of sleep after waking up are not only not beneficial, but can also be harmful. These few minutes are usually of poor quality. In doing so, you enter the next phase of sleep, from which it is much more difficult to wake up.

Drink water

Water with lemon is a great habit to start the day. In order to not forget about it, pour a glass of water in the evening and place it next to the bed. Instead of a lemon, you can add cucumber circles to a glass. Since overnight our bodies become dehydrated, the water will become a real battery, give vigor and add strength.


To do this, it is not necessary to light the sandalwood sticks and sit in the lotus position. Just breathe deeply for a couple of minutes, thank the world for a beautiful morning, praise yourself and tune in to a good day. In addition to a surge of energy, meditation also improves brain function and helps you think more creatively throughout the day.

Do exercises

It is not necessary to run the half marathon right after waking up to cheer up and wake up. Enough every morning to regularly perform a complex of push-ups, squats and twists. If you have other favorite exercises – be sure to include them in the morning exercises. Perfectly fit lunges, slats, slopes . If charging is not enough, go for a light run. Just do not overdo it: if you get tired, during the day you will feel sluggish and broken.

Drink coffee at home

We know that it is harmful to drink and eat on the run, but the smell from the coffee shops is too seductive – how can you not run after a portion of a hot drink! Love to drink coffee at home – here you can make exactly the coffee you like, immerse yourself in a meditative process of brewing a drink for a couple of minutes and treat your home. All this will give a feeling of comfort and tranquility. A glass of hot coffee – and you are ready to conquer the world.

Have breakfast

The first meal in the morning is the most important. He adjusts to the desired wave, energizes and uplifting. Scientists from Nashville found that skipping breakfast entails overeating during the day. Try to have breakfast with the most healthy food – scrambled eggs, oatmeal, cottage cheese with berries or yogurt. Protein gives satiety, and carbohydrates – energy. So during the day you will want to buy less soda or a snack bun.

Go out in the sun

In sunny weather, spend at least half an hour in the open air under the rays of the sun. Sunlight stops the production of melatonin (sleep hormone) – we stop wanting to sleep and become more alert. If there is no time for long walks, try to walk a couple of stops on foot or, instead of the subway, go to work by bicycle.

Spend time with your family

On a day off, when no one needs to run away from home, spend more time with relatives. Family breakfast and morning walk give you precious moments of intimacy. Set your smartphone aside until Monday and watch cartoons with your children, go cycling in the park, visit friends or go on a picnic. Allow yourself to forget about work for a couple of days and have fun here and now.

So , Follow all these tasks and stay energetic all the day.  These are very easy and effective tasks that will make you feel happy and productive . That will help you to work more.

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