Gallbladder Stone Remedy – Dissolve and Remove Stone Within a Month

medicine for gallbladder stones relief

If you are suffering from gallbladder stones and looking for the treatment of gallbladder stones then this post could be beneficial for you. Gall bladder stones can cause severe pain and sometimes the pain is unbearable for patients. There is much medicine for gallbladder stones but they provide relief from stones for a limited period of time.

The treatment of gallbladder stones includes allopathic medicines, ayurvedic medicines, homeopathic medicines, and many other home remedies.

You can take medicines for gallbladder stones or use home remedies for gallbladder stone pain .

In this post, we are sharing one recipe that is very effective and helps in gallbladder stone removal naturally.

This recipe has helped many patients by dissolving their gallbladder stones and those patients skipped gallbladder stone surgery. If you are suffering from this health issue then do not rush for surgery. Instead of that, you can use natural remedies for gallbladder stones.

It is better to dissolve stone with the recipe which is very much beneficial in gallbladder stone pain relief.

Steps to Dissolve Gallbladder Stones Easily

Day 1 

Before you go to bed, you need to do the enema. If you do not know how to do it then you can google it.

I am also providing the quick process –

  • Boil 2 liters of water
  • Add a tablespoon of calendula and a tablespoon of chamomile to boiling water
  • Add little citric acid to boiling water
  • Boil water for five minutes and cool it down
  • Filter the water and the enema is ready

Now you need to do an enema process.

Day 2 

  • As you wake up , you need to do the exact enema that you did last evening before going to bed.
  • You need to take fresh beets juice and fresh apple juice ( you can combine them together )
  • You should take 2 liters of juice throughout the day.

Day 3

  • In the morning as you wake up, you need to do enema.
  • During the day, you need to take 2 liters of beet and apple juice.
  • You need to take warm bath three times during the day.
  • If you do not want to take bath then you can apply a heating pad under the liver for two hours.

Day 4 

  • In the morning, do the enema again.
  • Take beet and apple juice ( this time you need to take it before 5 pm )
  • Apply a heating pad on the liver for two hours.
  • Take 150 gms of lemon juice and olive oil – Mix them in a container.
  • Take three tsp of lemon juice and olive oil every 15 minutes.
  • You can again apply a heating pad to the liver area during the intake of lemon juice and olive oil.
  • When the 150 gms of lemon juice and olive oil are finished, you can remove the heating pad.

After this procedure, the gallbladder stones will dissolve within a month. What will happen if you follow this procedure?

This procedure will crush the large stones into smaller ones and then turn them into a soft substance like dough and are gradually excreted with bile into the intestine. If you follow this procedure once a month then you will see relief in gallbladder stone pain. This procedure will remove the gallbladder stones by dissolving them and removing the stones.

This is a very good process for gallbladder stone pain relief at home. You can follow these steps and get rid of stone pain.

There are many gallbladder stone herbal treatments as well.


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