Is Vitamin C Beneficial in Diabetes ?

Vitamin C  helps people with diabetes to avoid complications.  Someone is more likely to tolerate the disease, and someone is more difficult. Some people try to avoid diseases, and for this purpose lead a healthy way of life. And others let everything on gravity without taking care of possible diseases.

 But for a patient with diabetes, any minor illness can turn into a serious problem. Therefore, diabetics simply have to think about their health and do their utmost to prevent complications. Vitamin C helps in preventing the complication in diabetes. Find out how it works.

Life with a diagnosis of diabetes involves constant control of nutrition. In order to maintain health it is very important to promptly supply all the necessary substances in the body, including vitamins and trace elements. Of course, this will not guarantee 100% of health, but will help the body to cope with the challenges that it throws in its external environment.

Vitamins will help you

Diabetes requires a special diet when the amount of carbohydrates in the food is limited. At the same time, many fruits fall under a partial or even complete ban. But this should in no way mean that your body will receive less vitamins.

Says Endocrinologist, Ph.D. Valery Dmitrievna Zabelina: “In the case when people are forced to reduce the amount of food to avoid increasing body weight (this is very important for patients with diabetes ), the risk of hypovitaminosis, of course, is increasing. Hypovitaminosis reduces the quality of human life, reduces resistance to infections, reduces resistance to stress, aggravates the course of many diseases. … Hypovitaminosis can last for years, their manifestations are nonspecific, and the already existing deficiency of vitamins and microelements increases with the occurrence of diabetes and provokes a more severe course of complications of the disease. Therefore, taking vitamin medications for general prophylaxis, treatment of hypovitaminosis and complications of diabetes is important for every patient with diabetes mellitus. ”

Among the substances we need, one of the main roles is vitamin C. This vitamin, not synthesized by our body and should enter the body with food or taken additionally.

Vitamin C stimulates the increase of immunity, promotes healing of wounds, it is necessary for tissue growth and recovery of blood vessels.

Vitamin C is needed for Diabetics

Chronic hyperglycemia leads to the formation of too many free radicals in the body. Oxidative stress occurs in the cells and metabolic disorders are disturbed. And this in turn leads to a lot of complications. Especially strongly suffer from diabetes wall of blood vessels. These vascular violations, depending on which part of the body they occur, can lead to coronary heart disease, kidney disease, or disease of the legs.

Vitamin C has a beneficial effect on the body of the diabetic and helps to fight the complications of diabetes. Moreover, the intake of this vitamin is relevant both for those suffering from type 1 diabetes and for patients with type 2 diabetes.

Scientists from the Center for Diabetes Research in Oklahoma have found that vitamin C-type 1 diabetes with insulin helps to prevent damage to blood vessels. Moreover, such a common use of insulin and vitamin C has a beneficial effect on the blood vessels of patients with poorly regulated glucose levels.

The use of this vitamin as antioxidant therapy will help people with diabetes to avoid serious diseases such as:

  • ischemic heart disease and heart failure
  • kidney disease and renal insufficiency
  • hypertension
  • diabetic foot
  • cataract

In diabetes, metabolism is disturbed, as a result of which digestibility of vitamins, including vitamin C, is often violated, so it is important for diabetics to use it additionally in the form of tablets.

Especially for such patients, the German pharmaceutical company Würzburg Pharma has developed a unique complex ” Vitamins for patients with diabetes“. 11 vitamins and 2 micronutrients included in the complex are strictly balanced in terms of composition and doses and correspond to the real needs of patients with diabetes.

Taking just 1 pill a day for at least 2 months – and the body is provided with a full daily dose of vitamins and trace elements!

One package of the drug is enough for one month of daily intake.

The main thing is not to overdo it

A person diagnosed with diabetes should strive to maintain balance throughout. Diabetics are recommended for physical activity and, at the same time, can not overload the body. You need a constant flow of sugar into the blood, but it’s badly excessive. Diabetics need to be more careful to ensure that the body receives vitamin C, but an undesired surplus of this substance.

Too much vitamin C (more than 1 g per day) can cause side effects:

  • diarrhea
  • heartburn
  • the appearance of urate or oxalate stones in the kidneys and urinary tract.
  • allergic rashes

Therefore, any “vitaminization” should be conducted after consultation with the doctor. He will pick up the right dose of your vitamin and advise on how to combine it with medicines when you take it.

Provide your body with vitamins and keep the disease under control!

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