Neurosis – Symptoms, Types, Causes and Treatment

man - neurosis symptoms types causes treatment

Neurosis is a functional disorder of the nervous system provoked by stress or trauma, prolonged psychological stress. The disease is accompanied by a wide range of somatic, psychoemotional, and behavioral signs on which medical tactics depend. Depletion, asthenic symptoms, phobias, decreased ability to learn and work, and inability to overcome difficulties are characteristic of neurosis.

man - neurosis symptoms types causes treatment

 Types of neurosis – 

Traditionally, neurotic pathology is divided into 3 main types of disorders:

  • Neurasthenia , characteristic signs – depressed mood, excessive sleepiness, severe fatigue, irritability, weakness.
  • Psychasthenia , characteristic signs – uncertainty, suspiciousness, severe vulnerability, fear of decision-making, timidity.
  • Hysteria , characteristic signs – demonstrative expression of emotions, fainting, tantrums and screams.

In addition to the options described, many other forms are distinguished. Some of them appear in certain situations, others under the influence of psycho-traumatic factors.

What are the Causes of neurosis ?

The development of reactive disease is based on multiple exogenous and endogenous factors.

In adults, disorders occur in most cases for the following reasons:

  • long-term emotional experiences;
  • mental strain;
  • physical overload;
  • instability and vulnerability;
  • workaholism;
  • inability to relax.

What are the Symptoms of Neurosis?

The disease manifests itself in a wide range of physical and behavioral symptoms. Among the main signs of neurosis, such psychoemotional disorders are distinguished – enduring fatigue, anxiety, fear, tearfulness, obsession with a bad state.

Physical manifestations from various body systems are added to the above symptoms:

  • cardiovascular – cardialgia, pressure surges;
  • digestive – abdominal pain, changes in appetite;
  • nervous – cephalalgia, dizziness, trembling fingers, sleep problems;
  • vegetative – increased sweating, darkening in the eyes;
  • reproductive – decreased libido, problems with potency.

What are the Methods of Treating Neurosis

In medicine, complex programs for treating patients are practiced, combining the following types:

  • Pharmacotherapy.  The use of antidepressants, sedatives, adaptogens, and tranquilizers.
  • Psychotherapy.  An obligatory component for experiences, psychological fixation of the patient on disturbing ideas. Significantly reduces the risk of relapse, translates the disease into permanent remission. Practice group and individual techniques, psychoanalysis, art patience, behavioral therapy, interpretation of fantasies, analysis of dreams.
  • Physiotherapy.  It has a beneficial effect on the physical and psycho-emotional state. It includes a variety of methods – light, heat and water treatment, magnetotherapy. Additionally, they carry out the massage, exercise therapy, acupuncture.
  • Hypnotherapy.  The patient plunges into the unconscious realm to find the root of the problem.

The highest level of professionalism of our specialists, the use of modern balanced psychotherapeutic techniques, and, of course, drug therapy with the latest drugs, contribute to the rapid recovery of the nervous system.

How Neurosis is Treated in the Clinics by Health Professionals –

The primary goal that specialists set is to identify and eliminate the cause of the development of neurosis. The patient learns to process negativity into a positive attitude, to express his feelings, to cope with fears and anxieties.

For this, several methods are used, of which individual programs are made:

  • modern medicines;
  • psychotherapeutic methods;
  • psychological correction;
  • physiotherapy, relaxation exercises, massage;
  • socio-therapeutic techniques.

Depending on the severity of the disorders, a step-by-step scheme is drawn up, combined with hardware techniques, psychotherapy sessions, selected by experienced professionals so rationally that the patient’s recovery occurs as soon as possible.

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