Should I drink during Food ?

should I drink water before or after eating

 Scientists have found that drinking water and other drinks, especially cold ones, is harmful to the digestion process and to the whole organism. The fact is that saliva contains all the necessary enzymes for the initial processing of food, so it is possible to partially digest proteins and starch. 

This saliva helps the stomach, prepares the food to digest. And drinks, especially cold ones, mix with saliva and neutralize the effect of these enzymes. Take note of  why you should give up harmful products .

should I drink water before or after  eating

Do not drink cold water during food . It is harmful for the Digestion Process.

How things are arranged ?

The stomach digests the food rather badly in large pieces – this is what provokes the appearance of putrefactive fermentation. In this way, only that part of the food that we have been able to digest is absorbed in the human body.

In addition, it should be noted that some liquid food, for example, milk, juice, kefir, would also be worth a little chew. In this case, the molecules of saliva are connected to the molecules of the fluid consumed, and the drink will be more beneficial.

Acceptable Drink Option

If you have to rush over dinner, drink it with warm compote. Experts in no case advise grabbing at cold kvass, especially when a piece of lamb is eaten. Everything is elementary: in a cold environment, the fat freezes, and this can be dangerous. There may be problems that would be better avoided. Bear in mind that an  experimental obesity drug has appeared .

Time factor

If you eat ice cream or drink a cold cocktail immediately after a meal, then food will certainly enter the intestines in an uncooked form. And if you drink water before meals, then there is a chance to lose some weight.

Water, which was drunk before meals, from the stomach carries away the weakened digestive juices, soothes the first attack of hunger, activates digestion. This leads to the fact that you can get enough less food. Take into account how much is to not get fat .

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