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Top 10 Symptoms of Corona Virus – Corona Virus has become the deadliest disease and we should pay attention to it. Now, everyone knows what are the symptoms of coronavirus. But there are some other common questions that arises . Here are some of the common questions –


The classic symptoms of coronavirus infection include fever, new cough, loss of sense of smell – but covid also manifests itself in a number of other signs that doctors advise to pay attention to.

COVID-19 is an infectious disease that has been confirmed in nearly 40 million people worldwide, and more than a million have died. Doctors state that if you notice any of the main symptoms of coronavirus, you should definitely be tested for infection.

Here are 10 symptoms of coronavirus that doctors advise to pay attention to.

The three key warning signs of COVID-19 are:

  • new dry cough appeared,
  • heat,
  • loss of smell or taste.
“It is highly likely that these symptoms are caused by coronavirus infection if they are accompanied by some other registered manifestations. According to the WHO, one of the most common signs of coronavirus is constant fatigue, ”the British newspaper informs.

Its experts emphasize that the coronavirus affects different people in different ways. Among the symptom they knock out were seen

  • labored breathing,
  • sore throat
  • diarrhea,
  • conjunctivitis,
  • headaches
  • unusual rash of skin
  • sudden chest pain.

Additionally, researchers reported that most infected people develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization. On average, it takes five to six days from infection with the virus to the onset of symptoms, but this period can take up to fourteen days.

Most Asked Common Questions About Corona Virus –

  • Do people with mild symptoms of COVID-19 need to be hospitalized?

No , Patient with mid symptoms are not needed to be hospitalised. They are allowed to go home but if the symptoms gets worse then they needed to be admitted to the hospital for treatment.


  • How long does it take for symptoms of the coronavirus disease to appear?

On an average it takes 5-6 days to see the symptoms but some cases it may take upto 14 days to see any symptoms. It always better to rush to the hospital whenever you feel like any fever etc.

  • Which are the first symptoms of the coronavirus disease?

There are lot of symptoms that you can see like fever , cough , sore throat , headache or pneumonia . In some cases , there is difficulty in beathing.

  • What are the symptoms of the coronavirus disease?

The most common symptoms are fever , cough , sore throat, headache.  Some patients may have aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea. The symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually. 80 % of the peoples recover without any special medicine or treatment.

  • What is the recovery time for the coronavirus disease?

According to the data, the average time for mild cases is 2 weeks and 2 months for critical cases.

  • Is headache a symptom of the coronavirus disease?

The virus causes many symptoms and headache is one of them. Yes , Headache is a symptoms of corona virus. You should go to the hospital if you experience such symptoms.

  • Does drinking lots of water help flush out COVID-19?

There is no eveidence that drinking lot of water help flush out coronavirus. But it is good to drink lot of water as it is good to prevent dehydration.

  • Can I breastfeed my child if I am severely ill with coronavirus disease?

You can use the expressed milk if you are suffering from coronavirus or any other complication.

  • Is the coronavirus disease more severe than the flu?

According to the studies, coronavirus is more severe than the flu. With coronavirus, 3.4% of peoples died but with seasonal flu, the rate is 1 %. It’s good to build immunity .

  • Should coronavirus disease patients be isolated in hospitals?

Yes, the patient needs care and it is better to isolate them in the hospital as it is an infectious disease.

  • Is there a vaccine, drug or treatment for COVID-19?

In some western, traditional, home remedies provide some comfort and relief from mild coronavirus but for critical cases, studies are being in progress.

  • How dangerous is the coronavirus disease?

The disease can be cured when it only shows symptoms of fever, headache etc.  But in critical cases, it could be dangerous.







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