Top 5 Main Causes of Overeating

Overeating is a real scourge of modern reality that a truly incredible number of people regularly face. That is why modern scientists regularly conduct all kinds of research aimed at identifying the causes of overeating. And, it should be noted, they have already successfully managed to establish some of the reasons, and most of them have a psychological background. What are the main reasons for such a destructive phenomenon as overeating?


1. Food in the company, at night or frequent snacks

When a person eats not alone, but in a warm company of colleagues, friends or relatives, he often has a so-called “effect of imitation”, because he has a desire to try the same dishes that everyone else tries. As a result, he decently overeat, and his constant companion becomes heaviness in the stomach.

Eating at night is also not the best solution. According to statistics, women who regularly eat various meals before bedtime consume on average fifteen percent more calories than those of the fair sex who find the strength to stop right after dinner. If the desire to eat chips while watching the evening TV series is irresistible, then it makes sense to try to replace your favorite TV shows with yoga – believe me, it is very inconvenient to chew during yoga classes!

Frequent snacks will also help a person to serve badly, because malformed and illiterately designed eating habits are also a direct way to overeating and even to possible obesity. 

Constant snacking, as well as the lack of a clear and well-planned meal schedule, inevitably entail the appearance of hateful extra kilos.

 It seems to a person that he eats little by little, but all these seemingly harmless handfuls of nuts, packs of crackers or chips, as well as salads, fruit or sandwiches, will sooner or later be displayed on the external appearance. By the way, the reasons for frequent snacks are often rooted in distant childhood, when parents happily fed their children with cookies, sweets and other far from the most useful treats.

The only way out in this situation is only to abandon the previous eating behavior. At first, it may even be necessary to paint your daily schedule and allocate strictly certain hours for meals. 

It is also necessary to include snacks, but in the given case it is necessary to forget about food between times. Yes, at first, of course, not without disruption, but in the future be sure to learn to control yourself. If you don’t cope with this problem yourself, then you shouldn’t be shy about asking a specialist for help.

2. Alcohol

Significantly increases the risk of overeating and systematic use of alcohol during the meal. 

Firstly, in this case, a person’s self-control decreases significantly – without feeling satiety, he continues to fill his plate with all new and new dishes. And secondly, in people who like to drink, perceptions are noticeably sharpened and impulsiveness grows – it should be noted that in such a state even the most ordinary dishes seem more attractive and tasty.

3. Constant distraction to other matters

People accustomed to eat sitting in front of the TV or spending time on social networks require a much larger amount of food to saturate. The fact is that for people who are distracted in the process of eating food, the saturation mechanisms work much more slowly than for their more concentrated comrades. And, by the way, this fact was repeatedly confirmed by numerous scientific studies! Moreover, this negative effect tends to persist throughout the day, as the body simply does not remember that its owner had eaten not so long ago – he was too busy watching TV or social networks. All this invariably entails new forays into the fridge!

4. Excessive variety (buffet, etc.)

Getting used to the taste of certain dishes, a person is faced with the so-called sensory saturation. However, in the case when the table literally breaks down from all sorts of dishes, it is not necessary to talk about such saturation – switching the attention from one dish to another, a person can enjoy food much longer, and without the slightest feeling of overeating. 

Somehow, scientists even carried out an appropriate experiment, during which people who had access to a wide variety of dishes, ate almost four times more than those participants in the test, whose attention was offered only one single dish!

 There is no doubt that in order to ensure that all the necessary nutrients and substances are constantly injected into the body, the diet should be quite diverse, however, in those situations when a large variety of different foods are presented to the person, it will not hurt to take some caution and a reasonable approach.
Do not overlook the fact that appetizing products lying on the table invariably cause the desire to eat them. 
This means that it is better to clean the vases with cookies, sweets or packages with crackers or chips in a timely manner. If they remain on the table – no doubt, they will certainly be eaten soon! So it is much easier to protect yourself from such temptations than to try to resist them! If a vase with appetizing delicacies appeared on the table during a workshop, then it is better to sit further away from it.

5. Portion size

It is not a secret for anyone that the more there will be a portion, the more a person will eat. And this is perfectly proved by the experiment conducted not so long ago by the American researchers, during which all its participants were completely unnoticed by them themselves being poured into soup plates. At the end of this experiment, every one of the test subjects felt equally full, however, some of them ate almost seventy-three percent more soup than the rest!Other reasons

There are many other causes of overeating, which also has not the last role in human life. For example, boredom. No matter how trite it may sound, but if a person is often bored, the risk that he will overeat, also increases significantly. The lack of friends, a hobby, a loved one and the similarity of each subsequent day with the previous one make many people seek solace in food, and, it should be noted, they find it!

Stressful situations also act in a similar way to people – “seizing” stress, a person can also gain a few extra pounds without much difficulty. But, to be honest, the whole human life is literally saturated with stresses, which can be reprimand from the authorities, failure to take the exam, loss of work, breakage of the laptop, and much, much more. 

And about 80% of people are trying to relieve stress with the help of something tasty and far from the most useful. Here are just the numbers on the scales in this case begin to creep inexorably upward.

In any stressful situation, it is important to learn to calm down, and it is best to do it not with the help of food, but with the help of special psychological attitudes. In general, problems and stresses should not be stuck, but try to solve as quickly as possible, because the pleasure of eating will end immediately after the last piece is eaten, and problems and turmoil will not go away, and the person will stay with them again one on one. So you shouldn’t shut yourself in and try to “seize up” on problems!

To a large extent contributes to overeating and low self-esteem, because people with low self-esteem live in a special, own world. They try to get away from any problems, are afraid to open up and quickly withdraw into themselves – they are able to give a minute of happiness to all sorts of goodies, and they often also have to pay extra pounds for this supposed happiness. In this case, the person simply can not do without the support of loved ones, and sometimes without the advice of experts.

In order to avoid overeating, you should not allow your life to turn into a dull routine – it is better to try to find something for yourself that will contribute to the development of joy hormones and without overeating. It can be anything you like: traveling, fitness, dancing, knitting, drawing, etc. – the main thing is that the new occupation should be like and bring a lot of pleasure! And then definitely not have to run to the refrigerator in order to seize melancholy and emptiness with the next goodies!

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