Top 5 Products You Should Avoid If You have Cold


Three popular foods that are always mentioned in the recommendations for people who have a cold are citrus fruits, raspberry jam, and tea.  Check out the article and know why these products are really in vain for those who have a cold. If you have cold then avoid these




1. Citrus

Yes, colds are thought to require more vitamin C. However, colds or acute respiratory illnesses (acute respiratory disease) are characterized by inflammation and disorders in the mucous membranes. Acidic citrus fruit juice, getting on inflamed mucosa, will only be an additional irritation for it.

2. Raspberry jam

According to the expert, to drink tea with raspberry jam injection is a bad idea for colds. The fact is that sugar is the ideal nutrient medium for bacteria that reside on the mucous membrane. Sweet jam that enters the mouth, then into the esophagus and stomach, increases the risk of bacterial complications. In addition, sugar inhibits the activity of immune-promoting macrophage cells.

3. Tea

Beverages such as tea and coffee contain a lot of caffeine, blocks the anti-diuretic hormone and has a diuretic effect. The body is dehydrated and blood volume and circulation are reduced as a result. The immunity is thus weakened, as the immune cells reach the foci of inflammation with the blood.

There are some more food products that we should avoid in winter. We will add them soon.

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