Top 8 Influenza Precautions : Do Not Make These Mistakes While Treating This Disease

influenza treatment precautions

If you are suffering from influenza or getting treatment for influenza then you must read this post. Many people make mistakes when they have influenza. They think it is not that serious and they will be fine very soon. And they make some serious mistakes.

Now you must be thinking what are the mistakes and how they are very serious.

What is the threat of improper treatment of influenza, and what mistakes should be avoided to recover faster?

The flu attacks us every year, and a huge number of people can’t avoid meeting it during the cold season. It would seem that everyone knows everything about this disease: symptoms, consequences and treatment. Yet every year many of us make the same mistakes when treating the flu. Engaged in amateur activities, prescribing effective treatment without consulting a doctor, which leads to complications.

How not to fall for the wrong approach to the treatment of influenza? Here are the answers to all of your questions.

What are the main mistakes in the treatment of influenza?

  • Do not Pretend you’re not sick

I really want to pretend that the initial mild illness is not scary. After all, there are things more important than sitting at home and being treated. And the temperature of 37 will drop quickly if you swallow a pill.

What to do: Do ​​not leave the house at the first sign of the flu. The first hours of illness are most unpredictable. If you go about your business with a slight temperature of 37, then in a couple of hours it can jump to 40.

  • Do not self-medicate

No one can predict exactly how the flu will go, just as no one can predict possible complications. Possible complications can range from common sinusitis, otitis, bronchitis to pneumonia and pyelonephritis. Only a doctor can determine the occurrence of possible complications.

What to do: Be sure to see a doctor at the first sign of illness.

  • Do not rush to take antibiotics

Influenza is caused by viruses that are not sensitive to antibiotics. Moreover, antibiotics kill beneficial bacteria that protect the human body. Do not decide for a doctor.

What to do: See a doctor. Yes, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics for the flu. But your doctor may suspect complications that may be caused by a bacterial infection, such as bronchitis.

With complications without antibiotics can not do, but again, the doctor decides in which case to prescribe antibiotics. Many antibiotics kill beneficial germs in the gut that are responsible for immunity.

Doctor of Medical Sciences said “ Once again I want to emphasize that antibiotics are used only in the treatment of complications. Unfortunately, in our practice very often at the first signs of the disease, for example, at a temperature, patients immediately prescribe antibiotics. It is wrong! The antibiotic should be prescribed only by a doctor – a therapist, a district doctor, a family doctor. Taking into account the situation when the drug must be prescribed . “

  • Do not lower the temperature

Increased temperature – a protective reaction of the body means that the body fights infection. Do not take a hot bath! All methods of heating and warming, such as hot tub, mustard, hot water bottles, sauna, bath only worsen the condition, and contribute to fever.

Some doctors advise not to bring down the temperature if the temperature is not above 38 degrees. At higher temperatures, dehydration appears. Drink more fluids, it will help to recover faster and remove toxins from the virus.

What to do: The temperature must be tolerated, recovery will come faster! If the temperature brings severe discomfort – a headache, severe aches in the joints, the temperature should be reduced, even if it is 38 degrees.

  • Do not drink a lot of sour

Drink more fluids, but do not abuse drinks that contain acid, such as orange juice, lemonade, tea with lemon. Viruses are afraid of acidic, but in severe influenza increases the risk of bacterial complications. It is known that bacteria grow well in an acidic environment.

What to do: Drink more mineral water. Salty drinks have a very detrimental effect on the virus and do not cause bacterial complications. Try to avoid sour drinks.

  • Do not close the windows, ventilate more often

At a cold disease it is necessary to ventilate the room in which the patient is more often. Many patients for fear of getting sick even more, catch a cold avoid ventilation. If you are in an unventilated room, the bacteria that you secrete multiply and interfere with recovery.

What to do: Ventilate the room every 1.5-2 hours for 5-10 minutes. If you feel cold, leave the room or hide behind another blanket. Fresh and cold air kills most viruses, and you recover faster.

  • Do not drink alcohol

Trying to heal faster, we use all known remedies, both folk and medical. It is believed that the folk cocktail “vodka with pepper” kills bacteria, or a delicious warm “mulled wine” effectively helps. This opinion is wrong, neither vodka, nor wine, nor alcohol do not help with the flu and colds. Alcohol weakens the immune system, and can only worsen and prolong the course of the disease.

What to do: Do ​​not drink alcohol. Vodka can be used for medical purposes, externally. If you have a high temperature, then dilute the vodka with water to each other and rub the body with this solution.

  • Do not rush to work

After the symptoms of the disease disappear, do not rush to work. Allow the body to recover from the illness. Leave for a few more days, take vitamins, otherwise, you can get sick again.

What to do: Already told, take more rest.

So, these were common mistakes that influenza patients make. You should follow the above-mentioned steps.

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